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1. Visiting Shiraz was a great experience  . There are many wonderful .........places there.

2. I wouldn't .............this restaurant , the food is expensive and the waiters are so rude.

3. Don't be so ......Leave some fruit for otter kids too.
4. Many buildings and farms were destroyed because of the ..... last year .
5. Two weeks would be .... to do the job , we need at least one month.
6. The boy was really .....of his behavior and apologized several times.
7. woman: I owe everyone in my family a letter , but i really dont have time to sit down and write them and it's too expensive to call .
man : why donmt you buy some postcards ?

what does the man suggest the woman do ?
8. Man : how are you going to get home after class?
Woman: I'm not sure , because the buses run until nine.
what is implied in the conversation ?
9. Man : do you know that because of the war , some of the goods are not on the market ?
Woman :that's natural , but i wish basic things like milk , fish , and eggs would be available .

what is the man worried about ?
10. Man ; Mary got a fantastic letter of recommendation from her boss because of her hard work .
Woman : she should value such a letter because it will help her get a job wherever she wants to go .

what should Mary appreciate ?
11. Woman ; no wonder Mr. Watson has a good knowledge of banking. After all , he has been working at the bank for five years .
Man : I don't agree with you . five years isn't enough to obtain considerable knowledge of banking .

what does the man mean ?

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