Round It

Nothing is as it seems !

The oneThe rounded oneAs we seeAs we should see
To:T’ / T / D’ / D/ *Today



To work

To school

To the store

We have to go now

He went to work

They hope to find it

I can’t wait to find out

We don’t know what to do

Don’t jump to conclusion

To be or not to be

He didn’t get to go

He told me to help

She told you to get it .

I go to work

At a quarter to two

The only way to get it

We plan to do it

Let’s go to lunch

The score was 3 to 6

So to speak

I don’t know how to say

Go to page 8

Show me how to get it

You need to know when to do it

Who’s to blame



At‘t/t/’d/d/*We are at home

I’ll see you at lunch

Dinner’s at five

Leave them at the door

The meeting’s at one

He’s at the post office

They ‘re at the bank.

I am a school.

I’ll see you a eleven.

He’s at a meeting

She laughed at his idea.

One at a time.

We got it a an auction.

He show started at eight.

He dog jumped out at us.

I was at a friends house

wir ’dom
It‘t / ‘d/ d / *’d/ih / I / *Can you do it ?

Give it o me

Buy it tomorrow.

It can wait

Read it twice

Forget about it

Give it a try

Let it alone

Take it away

I got it in London

What is it about?

Let’s try it again

Look !there it is

forThis is for you

It’s for my friend

A table for four please

We planned it for later

For example

For instance

What is it for ?

What did you do it for ?

Who did you get it for ?

th’s’z frya
fromIt’s from the USA

I am from Iran

There is a call from Bob.

This is a letter from Alaska.

Who’s it from?

Where are you from?

’ts frm diyo es ei


It’s in the bag

What’s in it ?

I’ll be back in a minute

Who’s in it ?

Come in

He is in America .



He’s an American.

I got an A in English .

He got an F in algebra.

He had an accident.

We want an orange

He didn’t have an excuse

I’ll be there in an instant

It’s an easy mistake to make



Tom and Jerry

Ham and eggs

Bread and butter

Coffee? With cream and sugar ?

They kept going back and forth

We watched it again and again

He did it over and over

We learned by trail and error



Soup or salad?

Now or later?

More or less?

Left or right?

Up or down?




What are you doing?

Where are you going?

What are you planning on doing ?

How are you ?

Those are no good ?

How are you doing ?

The kids are still asleep

YourU’r / ur/ ‘r


How is your family ?

Where are your keys?

Is this your car ?

Which one is yours?




Which one is better?

One of them is broken

I’ll use the other one

I like the red one .

That’s the last one

The next one ‘ll be better

Here’s one for you.

Let them go one by one.


theIt’s the best

What’s the matter.

What’s he problem

I have to go to bahroom

Who’s the boss around here?

Give it to the dog

Put it in the drawer.




it’s a present.

You need a break.

Give him a chance.

Let’s get a new pair of shoes.

Can I have a coke please?

Is that a computer.

Where is a public telephone ?




it’s the top of the line

as a matter of fact

get out of here.

Practice all of the time

Today is the first of may.

That’s the best of all!

Some of them

Most of them

None of them

Any of them

The rest of them




Can you speak English?

I can only do It on Wednesday.

A can opener can open cans.

Can I help you ?

Can you do it ?

We can try I later?

I hope you can sell it .

No one can fix it .

Let me know if you can find it .




I can’t do it now

It can’ fly




Jack had had enough.

Bill had forgotten again.

What had he done to deserve it ?

We had already seen it

He had never been there.

Had you ever had one?

Where had he hidden it?

Bob said he’d looked into it



He would have helped if …

Would he like some ?

Do you think he would do it ?

Why would I tell her ?

He had never been there on time.

Would you ever have one ?




He was only trying to help

Mark was American

Where was it ?

How was it ?

That was great?

Who was with you?

She was very clear

When was the war?




What time was it ?

What’s up ?

What do you mean?

What did you mean ?

What did you do about it ?

What took so long?

What do you think of it ?

What did you do then?




Some are better than the others

There are some leftovers.

Let’s buy some ice-cream.

Could we get some other ones?

Take some of mine.

Would you like some more?

Do you have some ice?

Do you have some mice?




My parents’r on vacation


are you(when there are other words ater are you , we conract it to ) ya


How  ya  doing?

Are you going to the movies?

Where are you going ?


how ya doin?


I don’t like her becouse she is meanI don like’r cuz shi zmin


Come over to our house around 10


could haveC’d’v / c’d’a


You could have hurt yourself’u c’d’a hurchorself
could not haveC’d’n’v / c’d’n’a


He couldn’t have done it


should haveSh’d’v


should not haveSh’d’n’v / sh’d’n’a


would haveW’d’v


wouldn’t haveW’d’n’v/ w’d’n’a


don’t knowDunno


I don’t know where you live


give meGimmi


Give me that please


going toGonna/ gannu




I’ll talk to you tomorrow. G’bye


had better‘bedr


You had better leave right now


have toHav’t / ‘v’t/ ‘v’d


I have to go home immediately.




Who is he ?


has‘s/ ‘as


He has a house at the beach.


her‘r / ‘er


This is her house


Him‘m / ‘im


I like ‘im a lot


his‘is / ‘s


how did youHow’dya / how ‘dja


How did you make that ?


howe doesHow’s


How does she feel today ?


in front ofInfrana / ‘nfrana


He parked in front of the house




I am going to the store


is that‘zat / izat


Is that your new car ?


leave meLeemi


Leave me alone




How old are you ?


out ofAuda


Get out of here




He’ll probably come for dinner




Sure , I like chocolate !


them‘m/ ‘em


I like them a lot


want toWanna/ wannu


I want to ho outside

I want to invite them all


whatWa/ wd/’d/*


What if we went to the movies?


what are you?Wacha


What are you doing?


what did youWu’ij’ya do/wudja


What did you buy ?


what doesWa’z’


What does he do for living?


what is theWad’z’


What is the matter?


youJa/ ya/y’/ ‘y


How are you?

Would you like some ice cream?

why did youWhyd.ya/ whydja


Why did you tell him to leave ?


why do youWhy ‘dy’a


Why do you work so hard?


did heDidi


does heDuzi


was heW’zi


has heH’zi


is heIzi


will heWili
would heW’di
can hiK’ni
wouldn’t youW’dn’ch


shouldn’t ISh’d’n’a
won’t heWo’ni


didn’t heD’dn’i


hasn’t he‘z’ni
isn’t It‘z’n’i


doesn’t itD’z’ni


aren’t IAr’n’a
won’t youWoncha


don’t youDonchew


can’t youCnchew


could youK;ja


would youW’ja


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