A terms of service agreement typically contains sections pertaining to tkolang.ir

Disambiguation/definition of key words and phrases: everything is as clear as it seems ,Our only goal is to prepare a free education for everyone everywhere . so just please become a member and join our endure with just 200 000 tomans and help us help the world.

User rights and responsibilities : All rights are yours , in case you advertise our website among your friends and family . just please dont copy any of our products or course to offer to others , we have tried a lot to gather and make them ready for your.

Proper or expected usage; definition of misuse : do not bother our students and don’t bother our website and don’t harm us as we are non profit organization . just please help us grow

Accountability for online actions, behavior, and conduct : we respect your privacy and activities online in our website . so enjoy using the details

Privacy policy outlining the use of personal data : no personal data is gathered for any reason . just your final exams grade sheets are needed to reward you a car

Payment details such as membership or subscription fees, etc.: the only fee you will need to pay whole of your life is 200 thousand tomans  and that is all

Opt-out policy describing procedure for account termination, if available : only if we see your violation our rules and your disturbing our students and teachers we will have to remove you

Sometimes contains a Arbitration clause detailing the dispute resolution process and limited rights to take a claim to court : as we are a non profit organization , try to cope well with us if not , we will need to follow the regulations

Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability clarifying the site’s legal liability for damages incurred by users : no damages are accepted by any user anytime

User notification upon modification of terms, if offered : we will email you before taking any action

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