directory of 3 million-plus students

you can see directory of 3 million plus students below who trusted only if you are registered and logged in as this page includes private information only revealed to our students. you can easily contact our staff and login with only 200 000 Tomans equal with 20 dollars to access a life time free access to everything. below you can find links to our students Instagram and google accounts , and yu can also see their bio as well as their detailed programs and videos. you can upload any video you want and you can motivate your peers and pals to use your videos and links and you can even teach and have your own students . the abilities and facilities your will be offered in this website is far beyond your imagination . you can create a full record of your English knowledge to be kept for years from generation to generation . you are only one step far from getting to learn languages without spending your time and money in other institutes . you can aknowledge that there are institutes that charge you double this amount per term and you will have to follow their regulations for 20 terms at least . if you compare our prices and our services , we are 40 times lower their prices and 1000 times over their services . waiting to see you as our student.

so just take the first step and join us and we will grantee you with 10 times full refund which means if you wont succeed in our system we will give you 10 times more than th money you paid for your tuition. we assure you that you will get a successful language life . learn , take the exams , get a job or even immigrate easily using tkolang services and join over 3 million students accessing 5 thousand teachers online

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