how to use articles in English

Grammar description

 how to use” the”


1.when we know sth , we use ” the” and when we don’t know it , we use ” a ” or ”  an “

ex) i saw a man in the street .( we don’t know that man so we used ” a ” )

ex) I  saw a man  in the street . the man  was Mr. shomali.


I want to buy a car. I saw several cars in the auto gallery but I loved the car with turbo charger .


  1. when there is ” of  ” ex) the leg of my chair ex) the united states of America ex) the people of china


3. we can’t use ” the ” with nouns  ( normally ) but there are some exceptions. note that  we use ” the ” with plural nouns ex) the bahamas but we cant say the Paris because the ” s ” at the end of Paris is not for plural

ex) the carrots . the computers . the alps , the Netherlands , the Bahamas


4. we use ” the ”  with oceans + rivers + seas + desrets + canals

ex) the pacific ocean . the nile , the panama canal , ……


5. with the nouns that everyone knows that noun and there is only one of them

ex) the Eiffel tower , the hidden park , the elgoli park , the empirate state building ex) The Pope is visiting Russia.

ex)The moon is very bright tonight.


6. with parts of the day

ex) in the morning , in the after noon , in the evening


7.before some adjectives when we want to talk about a group of people

ex) the poor = all the people who are poor

ex)the young= all the people who are young

ex)The wolf is not really a dangerous animal. (= Wolves are not really dangerous animals.)

ex)life can be really hard for the poor .

ex)The kangaroo is found only in Australia. (= Kangaroos are found only in Australia.)

ex)The heart pumps blood around the body. (= Hearts pump blood around bodies.)


8.with a last name when we want to talk about whole family

ex) the madadis = whole the family of madadi


9.when we want to talk about the directions

ex) the east , the west , the south…..


  1. with the musical instruments ex) the piano , the guitar

ex)mahdi plays the piano really well.


11.with a superlative adjective ex) mahdi is the richest boy in the class.

ex) hadi is the youngest boy in the class

ex) the einestain book is the best.

=========================== refer to a system or service:

ex)I heard it on the radio.

ex)You should tell the police.


13.if a country has ” kingdom , state , rebulic

ex)the People’s Republic of China ex) the Kingdom of Bhutan


  1.  we cant use ” the ” before months , days , years ex) the sundays( wrong ) ===> on sundays
  2. with famous buildings : ex\) the tajmaha
  3. with newspaper names ex ) the newyork times
  4. for countries with ” kingdom ” or ” states ” or ” republic ” : ex )the islamic republic of Iran

  5. to show geography properties : ex ) names of the mountains , rivers , canals , seas, oceans ….
  6. we don’t use ” the ”  with the names of cities ex) i go to new york



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