Questions 10-13
Look at the extract from a brochure on the following page.

From the list of headings below, choose the most suitable headings for Sections C-F.

Write the appropriate numbers i-viii in boxes 10-13 on your answer sheet.

Example                                                                      Answer

Section A                                                                         vii

10 Section  C
11 Section  D
12 Section  E
13 Section  F

List of Headings

i Payment options

ii Save money by not paying interest

iii Choosing your style of furniture

iv Free advice on furnishing your home

V Location of stores

vi Applying for a card

vii Ordering furniture from home

viii A wide range of furniture


Fabulous Furniture

Section A

Have you ever wanted to buy a small bedside table? Or a dinner table for 20 people? If you want it, we’ve got it! Fabulous Furniture has Australia’s widest choice of furniture.

Section B

If you visit a Fabulous Furniture store, you can have your furniture – right now – using our Fabulous Furniture Credit Card. When you see something you really want, you can have it straight away, and pay later.

Section C

Unlike most cards, the Fabulous Furniture Credit Card offers a full 60-day interest-free period on every Fabulous purchase – no matter when you make your purchase. This leaves you with more money to spend on other things.

Section D

  • You may choose to pay the full amount within 60 days. In this case, you pay no interest.
    • You may spread your payments over a longer period. In this case, interest will be charged after the initial 60-day interest-free period.

Section E

Application is absolutely free! Nor are there any annual fees or administration fees. Just fill in the application form and bring it to your nearest Fabulous Furniture store. Your application will be processed promptly and you can begin making purchases immediately after your application is approved.

Section F

We have stores in every major city, so you’re never far away from a Fabulous Furniture store. For our addresses, just check in your local telephone directory.

10 ii  (Save money by not paying interest)
11 i (Payment options)
12 vi  (Applying for a card)
13 v   ( Location of stores)

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