kids 1 exam 1

One duck

five ducks 

One pencil

nine pencils

One box

ten boxes

One man 

three men

one woman

four women

I am  a man

you are a man

he is tom

She is Cinderella.

It is a tree

they are trees

Are we students

This is a goat

That is a cow.

is it a pencil?

Are they books ?

Are you a boy?

They are tall

I am proud 

He is tired

She is tired

Is the man angry?

Is jim hungry?

is the dog hungry ?

Are you hot ?

are the children happy?

How many cats?

How many mice?

one sheep

I am a teacher.
I’m a teacher.
You are a girl.
You’re a girl.

You are students.
You’re students.
We are boys.
We’re boys.

They are girls.
They’re girls

He is Ted. He is a boy.
He’s Ted . He’s a boy.
She is Annie. She is a girl.
She’s Annie. She’s a girl.

Annie is a girl.
Annie’s a girl.
Ted is a boy.
Ted’s a boy.
It is Digger.
It’s Digger.
Annie and Ted are students.


an ( a , o , u , e , i )

This is a book.
It’s blue.
That is a bag.
It’s yellow.

This is Ted.
He is a boy.
That is Mary.
She is a girl

This is an egg.
That is an ice cream cone.
This is an umbrella


What’s this/that?
What is this?
what is = what’s
What is that?
what is = what’s
What’s this? What’s that?

What is this?

It is a cat.

What is that?

It is a bird.

Is this a butterfly?
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is. It’s a butterfly.

Is that an ant?
No, it isn’t.
No, it isn’t. It’s a bee.
No, it isn’t. It’s not an ant.


am a man.
Am I a man?
or Are you a man?

You are a man.
Are you a man?
or Am I a man?

He is Tom.
Is he Tom?

She is Cinderella.
Is she Cinderella?

It is a tree.
Is it a tree?

They are trees.
Are they trees?

We are students.
Are we students?
or Are you students?

Question and Answer
Is it a pencil?
Yes, it is. It’s a pencil.
No, it isn’t. It is not a pencil.

Question and Answer
Are you a boy?
Yes, I am. I am a boy.
No, I’m not. I’m not a boy. I am a girl.

Question and Answer
Are they books?
Yes, they are. They are books.
No, they aren’t. They aren’t books. They are crayons.

This is a goat.
Is this a goat?
Yes, it is. It’s a goat.

This is a goat.
Is this a cow?
No, it isn’t. It isn’t a cow.

That is a cow.
Is that a cow?
Yes, it is. It’s a cow.

That is a cow.
Is that a goat?
No, it isn’t. It isn’t a goat.


one duck
five ducks

one pencil
nine pencils

one box
ten boxes

one man
three men

one woman
four women

How many cats?
Three cats.

One cat.

How many mice?
One mouse.
Six mice.

How many sheep?
One sheep.
Seven sheep.

How many boys are there?
There are seven boys.

What’s your name?
My name is Joe.

What’s her name?
Her name is Mary.

What’s his name?
His name is Tom.


He is tired.

I am proud.

She is sad. She is not happy.
is not = isn’t

They are tall. They are not short.
are not = aren’t

Are the children happy?
Yes, they are. They’re happy.

Is the dog hungry?
Yes, it is. It’s hungry

Is Jim hungry?
No, he isn’t. He’s thirsty

Are you hot?
No, I’m not. I’m cold.

Is the man angry?

Yes, he is. He’s angry.
No, he isn’t. He’s happy.

برای یک اسم که یک دونه از اون اسم موجود هست علامت جمع رو

برای یک اسم که یک دونه از اون اسم موجود هست علامت جمع رو نمیزاریمنمیزاریم

  چون خود اسم -یک اسم جمع هست بنابراین علامت جمع رو نمیزاریم

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