Nouns & Quantifiers

Proper Nouns are the names of particular places, people or things that are usually capitalized and have no articles (a, an, the). They include:

People: John, Mary, Tom….

Places: London, Tehran, Paris….

Months: January, February, March….

Days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday…..

Holidays: Christmas, Easter…..

Languages: English, French, Arabic….

Nationalities: Iranian. Canadian, American…..

Seasons: spring, summer, …… (Seasons are not usually capitalized and come with definite article the.)
They go skiing in the winter.

Common nouns places or things but not by their individual names. They can be countable or uncountable.
Countable Nouns can be counted using numbers.
have a singular and a plural form.
The singular form can use the determiners “a” or “an”.
The quantity of a countable noun is asked by How many
combined with the plural countable noun.
How many books do you intend to buy?

Uncountable Nouns cannot be counted with numbers.
are used with a singular verb.
do not have a plural form.
a/an can not be used with these nouns.
the quantity of an uncountable noun is asked by How much.
How much sugar do we have?
We don’t have much sugar.

Uncountable Nouns include:
Abstract Words: time, pain……
Activities: sailing, shopping, swimming….
Fields of Study: geography, math, physics…
Foods: pizza, fish…..
Gases: air, oxygen….

Liquids: water, oil, milk, juice…
Materials: gold, wood, cotton….
Natural Forces: wind, storm, flood….
Particles: dust, sugar, salt…..
These nouns are also uncountable:
advice homework mail equipment information money
furniture jewelry news garbage luggage work

Quantifiers for Countable and Uncountable Nouns

uncountable nouns :

much  / a bit of / little / a little / very little / a great deal of  / a large quantity of / a large amount of 


with countables nouns :

 a majaority of / a great number of /  several  / many / a large number of / a number of / few / a few / very few 


with both countable and uncountable nouns :

all  / enough / none / no / some / more / most / lots of / less / least / any / not any  / plenty of 



Some Examples:
There are a few students in the yard.
Several teachers were at the meeting.
Many boys are interested in football.
We have little fruit in the yard.
They have a great deal of work to do.



Many & Much are more formal than a lot of in positive sentences.
Many recent issues are being discussed in media that are of little importance. (more formal)
We are going to talk about a lot of issues.(less formal)
There is much concern about the issue. (more formal)
There is a lot of concern about the issue.(less formal)


A few / Few & Little / A little
a few / few + plural countable nouns
a little / little + uncountable nouns
a few = some but enough

few = not many / not enough
a little = some but enough

little = not much / not enough


We have little milk. We need to buy some. ( not much or not enough)
They have a little money. They can buy some fruit. (enough)
There are few chairs. Some people can’t take a seat. (not enough)
We have a few seats. They are enough. (enough)

Students’ book’s answer key

3. ‘s
4. advice
5. beans
6. rice
7. Potatoes
8. are
9. vegetables
10. are
11. Is
12. equipment
13. batteries
14. news
15. stops
16. clothing
17. cold
18. bothers
19. bags
b. A few
c. A little
a. A great deal of
b. Many
c. A great deal of

a. A
b. Much
c. Some
d. Many
a. Any
b. How much
c. How many
d. How much
e. Enough
f. How many

g. Enough
a. Little
b. A few
c. A little
d. few

October 27. I’ve been on the Canary Islands for three days now, I’ll Start home when the
weather is better, I was so surprised When I picked my mail today- My family Sent some
birthday presents to me. My birthday is the 31st. I won’t open any gifts until then.
October 29. I think the weather is getting worse. I heard thunder today, but there wasn’t
much rain. Typhoon and I stayed in bed. I started reading a novel, Brave New World.
October 30, I left the Canary Islands today— just like Columbus. There’s a strong wind and
plenty of sunshine now. I went 250 miles,
October 31. I’m 21 today, To celebrate, I drank a little coffee for breakfast and I opened my
presents. I got some perfume and some pretty silver jewelry.
November 1 The electricity is very low. I’d better save it until I get near New York. I’ll need
the radio then. It rained today, so I collected a little water for cooking.

Ingredients They Have Enough Of: brown sugar, cornflakes, raisins
Shopping List: butter, oatmeal, flour, eggs, chocolate chips

Workbook Answer Key

1. e
2. d
3. b
4. f
5. a
6. c

1. floats
2. heading
3. chilly
4. navigation
5. civilization
6. excerpt

1. few
2. many
3. fewer
4. fewer
5. much
6. a lot of
7. a little
8. a few

A: Does Healthy Grains have much fat?
B: No, it doesn’t. What about Chocolate Puffies? How much fat does it have?
A: It has a lot.
A: Does Healthy Grains have much calcium?
B: Yes, it does. What about Chocolate Puffies? How much calcium does it have?
A: It has no calcium.
A: Does Healthy Grains have many calories?
B: Yes, but not very many. What about Chocolate Puffies? Does it have many calories?
A: Yes, it has plenty of calories

Line 1. volcano
Line 2. May
Line 3. Correct
Line 4. Correct
Line 5. March
Line 6. correct
Line 7. May, mountain
Line 8. correct
Line 9. correct
Line 10. Correct
Line 11. Ocean
Line 12. Kilometers
Line 13. correct
Line 14. correct
Line 15. correct

1. d
2. b
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. a
9. d
10. c
11. a
12. d
13. b
14. b
15. a

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