Adjectives Equatives, Comparatives & Superlatives

Equative==(Compares people, places or things that are similar or different.)
(not) as + adj. + as
Mary is (not) as tall as Alice (is).
Math is as difficult as physics (is).

1 syllable adjectives e.g.: tall→ taller
John is taller than Mary.
2 syllable adjectives ending in –y e.g. friendly → friendlier
People in small towns are friendlier than people in big cities.
2 syllable adjectives ending in –le , -ow, -er
simple→ simpler shallow→ shallower clever→ cleverer
English is easier than math.

2 syllable adjectives e.g.: more useful, more harmless, more boring
This film was more boring than the film we saw the other day.
more than 2 syllable adjectives e.g.: more(Less) interesting than
Tennis is less interesting than football.

Comparative adj. (Showing increase or decrease.)
1 syllable adjectives e.g.: harder and harder
The lessons are getting harder and harder.
more than 1 syllable adjectives e.g.: more and more crowded
The streets become more and more crowded during the rush hour.

Double Comparative (Shows cause-and-effect)
The more crowded the restaurant (is), the slower the service (is/will be).
The more motivated you are, the better results you get.

well (fine, healthy)→ better She was sick. But today she feels better than yesterday.
good→ better The weather in small towns is better than in big cities.
bad→ worse Bob ‘s marks are worse than Tom’s.
far→ farther (distance) London is farther than Paris.
far → further (more) We need further studies.
little→ less She has less interest in physics than math.
much→ more We need more money to buy that house

Superlative Adj.
1 syllable adjectives → the adj. + est e.g.: the hardest
Math is the hardest subject for me.
2 syllable adjectives ending in –y -y changes to i e.g.: the (un)happiest
Tom is the happiest boy in class.
2 syllable adjectives e.g.: the simplest, the narrowest, the cleverest
This road is the narrowest here.

2 syllable adjectives e.g.: the most useful, the most harmless, the most boring
That was the most boring film I have ever watched.
More than 2 syllable adjectives e.g.: the most (least) comfortable
This bed is the most comfortable of all.

good→ the best Tom is the best student in class.
bad (sick)→ the worst That film was the worst I have ever seen.
far→ the farthest (for distance) We decided to walk to the farthest park.
far→ the furthest They have planned the furthest research on the issue.
well→ the best She feels the best today

The superlative is often used with expressions like “in” and “of”.
You are the most wonderful friend in the world.
He is the cleverest person of us all.
The superlative is sometimes followed by a clause in present perfect.
That is the nicest gift I have ever received.

Students’ book’s answer key

2. hotter than
3. more expensive than
4. less spicy than
5. less salty than
6. milder than
7. healthier than
8. cheaper than
9. oilier than
10. less sweet than
11. shorter than
2. the better, the higher
3. The smokier, the worse
4. The more crowded, the noisier
5. the saltier, the better
6. The bigger, the harder
2. That’s wrong. It’s getting more and mote
3. That’s right. It’s getting bigger and bigger.
4. That’s right. It’s getting higher and higher.
5. That’s wrong. It’s getting lower and lower.
6. That’s right. It’s getting more and more

2. not as crowded as
3. not as big as
4. not as cold as
5. as hot as
6. not as wet as
7. not as Windy as
8. not as sunny as

When I was a teenager in the Philippines, I was an expert on snacks and fast foods. I was
growing fast, so the more I ate, the hungrier I felt. The street vendors in our town had the
better snacks than anyone else. In the morning, I used to buy Puto (rice muffins) on the way
to school. Putos are much sweeter than American muffins. After school, I ate fish balls on a
stick or adidas (chicken feet). Snacks on a stick are
smaller than American hot dogs and burgers, but are much more varied. My friend thought
banana-cue (banana on a stick) was really great. However, they weren’t as sweet as
katnote-cae (fried sweet potatoes and brown sugar), my favorite snack. When I came to the
United States, I didn’t like American fast food at first. To me, it was less interesting than my
native food and less tasty, too. Now I’m getting used to it, and it seems more and more
delicious. Does anyone want to go out for a pizza?
1. winter coat
2. soap and bubble bath
3. bracelet
4. star
5. picture frame
2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done?
3. Who’s the smartest person you’ve ever
4. What’s the nicest place you’ve ever seen?
5. Where’s the hottest place you’ve ever been?
6. What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had?
7. What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever said?
8. What’s the longest book you’ve ever read?
9. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve ever
10. What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever
11. What’s the most enjoyable thing you’ve
ever done?

Workbook Answer Key

1. almonds
2. scallions
3. shrimps
4. lobsters
5. garlic

6. broccoli

1. e
2. c
3. a
4. f
5. b
6. d
3. OK
5. OK
6. OK
8. OK
1. e 2. h 3. d 4. a
5. c 6. f 7. g 8. b
1. Tom, do you know

2. insects, crumbs, and dust balls3. inhale, exhale, and relax

4. Tribbey, Oklahoma on February 21, 19345. pink, black, and green

6. , as nothing else can do,

7. mind, George, if

8. , both born in 1685,9. , like most animals,

10. eyes, relaxed manner, and pleasant smile

1 D 2 A 3 C 4 C 5 B

6 D 7 A 8 B 9 B 10 C

11 B 12 C 13 C 14 D 15 C

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