Adverbs Equatives, Comparatives & Superlatives

Equative (about the actions that happen in the same way or are equal)
(not) as + adv. + as
Mary drives as carefully as Tom.
She doesn’t talk as quietly as her mother.

Adverbs ending in -ly e.g.: carefully, nicely,
My father drives more/ less slowly than John.
Adverbs without -ly e.g. late, hard, high
He came later than I (did).
I work harder than he (does).
She jumps higher than I (do)

well better
I took the exams better than before.
This painkiller works better than that one.

Some Points to Remember:
1. These words have different meaning:
lately= recently They have been busy lately.
hardly= almost not We can hardly go there during the rush hour.
highly= really It’s highly possible.
2. These words are adjectives not adverbs:
silly, lovely, lonely, friendly

3. These words are both adjectives& adverbs:
early, fast, high, late
He is an early bird. He gets up early every day.
She is a fast runner. She runs fast.
We have a high opinion of him. He scored higher than anyone else in the class.
She is late. She always comes to the class late.

Comparative adverbs. (Showing increase or decrease.)
comparative adv. + comparative adv.
He is playing more and more aggressively.
The plane is going higher and higher.

Double Comparatives (Showing cause-and-effect.)
The more you practice, the better you learn.
The more quietly they talked, the harder we could hear them.
The harder they worked, the faster the project was to finish.

Superlative adverbs
Adverbs with –ly:
Tom plays the least slowly of all.
He plays the most aggressively.
Adverbs without –ly:
He runs the fastest of all.
She works the best in the company.
Ted played the worst in the team

2 syllable adjectives e.g.: the most useful, the most harmless, the most boring
That was the most boring film I have ever watched.
More than 2 syllable adjectives e.g.: the most (least) comfortable
This bed is the most comfortable of all.

Students’ book’s answer key

2. strictly
3. confidential
4. exceptional
5. interesting
6. carefully
7. easy
8. quickly
9. interesting
10. highly
11. well
2. stops as slowly as
3. doesn’t stop as quickly as
4. shifts as easily as
5. doesn’t shift easily as
6. doesn’t handle as well as
7. handles as well as
2. better
3. faster
4. less
5. more rapidly
6. harder
7. more slowly than or slower than
8. more clearly
9. longer than
10. more quickly or quicker
11. as completely as
3. the slowest or the most slowly
4. Slower than or more slowly than
5. faster than
6. higher than

7. the best
8. the worst
4. Exuberant King
1. Get Packin’
5. Inspired Winner
3. Senor*Speedy
2. Wild whirl

Workbook Answer Key

1 F 2 T 3 T 4 T 5 F 6 T

1 Strictness
2 Evaluation
3 Confidential
4 Extensive
5 Impression
6 consistently

1. He’s running faster and faster.
2. She’s running more and more frequently.
3. He’s throwing the ball farther and farther.
4. She’s shooting more and more accurately.
5. He’s jumping higher and higher.
6. He’s running slower and slower/more and more slowly.
7. They’re skating more and more gracefully.
8. They’re practicing harder and harder.

1. that and than
2. more slow’! slower/ more slowly
3. the farthest’! the farther
4. more frequent’! more frequently
5. more quick’! more quickly
6. as fast than’! as fast as
7. long’! longer

1.Many years ago,
2. , but many of these beliefs

3. , dear friend,
4. if you break a mirror
5. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.
6. , as it may seem,
7. , or you’ll break your mother’s back
8. , I’m sure,
9. , a German novelist,
10. in fact, the more you read about superstition,

1 A 2 B 3 D 4 B 5 C

6 B 7 C 8 A 9 D 10 B

11 c 12 D 13 C 14 A 15 C

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