These are the values of our whole generation. It was never a question of if we were going to do this. The only question was when.

Millennials are already one of the most charitable generations in history. In just one year, more than three in four US millennials  donated to charity and more than seven out of ten raised money for another one.

But it’s not just about  giving money. You can also give time. and I promise you if you just take an hour or two a week—that’s all it takes to give someone a hand and help them reach their potential.

now maybe you are thinking that’s a lot of  time. I’m not sure if I have that much time .I used to thaink that. You know when Priscilla graduated from Harvard she became a teacher, and before she’d do education work with me, she told me that I needed to get my own exprience teaching a class. At first , I complained: “you know ,  I’m kind of busy. I’m running this company.” But she insisted, so I taught a after-school program at a local Boys and Girls club on entrepreneurship.

I taught those kids lessons on product development and marketing, and they taught me what it’s like growing up feeling targeted for your race and what i it’s like having a family member in prison. I shared stories of my time in school, and they shared their hope that one day they would get to go to college too. For five years, I’ve had dinner with those students every month. One of them even threw me and Priscilla our first baby shower. And next year they’re going to college

دانشگاه زبان ایران  آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی تافل تضمینی آیلتس تضمینی آموزش زبان آموزش تافل آموزش آیلتس آموزش زبان دکتری مهندسی مهاجرت ثبت نام رایگان ارسال رایگان کتب ارسال رایگپان فایل ها مهاجرت بع تمام دنیا کانئن زبان ایران امتحان های کانون زبان ایران دانش آموزان کانون زبان  نمونه سوالات فاینال درس های تخصصی تافل آیلتس انگلیسی دکتری کانون دانشگاه زبان ایران EPT IELTS TOEFL final exams freeایران مهاجرت به  تمام دنیا آموزش با بهترین متد دنیا آموزس رایگان دانلود راگان کتب و فایل ها و نمونه سوالات مهاجرت رایگان زبان انگلیسی در 3 ماه  تافل تضمینی در 3 ماه آیلتس تضمینی در 3 ماه تافل 110 تافل 120 تافل 100 ایلتس 8 آیلتس 8.5 آیلتس 9 تضمینی با تضمین استرداد تمام شهریه

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